It's been FOUR years since I've last even logged on to this site, but I suddenly remembered it, and I suddenly wanted to be part of this community again. I'm sure many things have changed, just like in my life, but I want to get back into it.

I want to get back into making icons, even though I'm always so busy with my personal life lol. I'm also thinking of going back to school, so I'll have even less time, but we shall see how things will be. If I recall correctly, these things take time, and it's been so long since I've done anything. I'm rusty at best at using the program, but I think I can manage to figure it out -- or slowly recall how to use it.

I miss all the friends I had made under my original username that I never quite reconnected with after I made peppersaurus. I forgot how to use the html code on this site as well... but Google is always helpful, so I'll just have to be resourceful!

I just miss being a presence on this site, and enjoying everyone's input on everything!

So much has changed in my personal life -- I'm a new person I feel like, but I think what's remained is my enjoyment of doing these little things in my free time.

So, HELLO AGAIN Livejournal. I'll hopefully find a nifty community to be part of again. I'm sure all the ones I was apart of are dead now... gosh.
No Worries

Oh How I've Anbondoned You...

I've been MIA from LJ (and computer time in general) for two months now. I have a batch for Chapter 3 of Icon Quest ready to be uploaded and posted and it's just sitting. Mind you, that batch itself is about 2-3 months older than that...argh! I hate having so many responibilities and other distractions.

...hehe, like a TV? Yes, I bought a Black Friday deal TV and have been playing the PS3 more often when I just want to relax. FOR SHAME! If I have time tomorrow after I'm done cleaning, I will try to muster up the motivation to upload those now old icons.

Ugh. I haven't even looked at anyone's icons since early November.

Gosh, my position at the IQ must be over 100 now...

Odds In Your Favor

Bad Sandy!

I really hope everyone on the East coast pulls out okay. Sandy's winds and flooding are sure to wreck havock on people's homes, property, and way of life. I've read that many people are without power, and I'm sure many are stuck at home in the dark, just waiting it out.

Almost unfair that the weather here is still nice. The week before last we had a little 3 dfay heat wave of about 90. Last week just a tiny bit of rain one night, and some of the mornings have been cold. All in all, it's been pretty nice.

However, since the lack of rain is such an issue, my mom got a notice in the mail that California home owners will now have to pay a fire prevention fee up to $150.

So, the East coast always gets the storms, and California is always on fire. D8
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Need A Better Job

I feel like I've been punished for taking vacation. I needed to take vacation because our Paid Time Off hours max at 192. I had 192, and was no longer going to accumulate hours. Since I work in the lovely world od retail, we have a black out period (Oct. 24- Jan. 2nd) where nobody gets to use PTO.

Basically, it was well deserved anyways because I never freaking take vacation. Also never call out. EVER.

First off all, I was cheated on a day, because my manager admitted he was being selfish, and 'needed' me. So I worked Monday. Okay, fine. I left everything in order though. Load was almopst done (but hey, we got in 21 pallets that day), and the back room was looking pretty good.

I went in yesterday and HOLY FUCK! The back room had exploded! It was a disaster! Could have been worse if S hadn't kicked ass on one of his days he came in in the evening. See, S has 2 jobs, and this job is #2. I wish it were #1, because he has an amazing work ethic, and shit gets done.
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3 Stooges

What IS THIS?!

It's the first of October and it's over 90 degrees today. What the freak!? I was already dying of sweat from working, and then I couldn't even cool down due to this horrible heat.

California is a desert with an ocean, I swear. Ughhhh. Dying...

At least the heat made me lazy, so I was able to make 5 icons after having an icon making drought. Planning to post Chapter 3 with the 2 side quests all in one post, so there's that.

Hooray, a post! O.o
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And We're Back!

True Fact:

1.Vacations never last long enough.

2.Four hour drives can be tiring, especially when the day is extra warm, and traffic is hectic.

3.The Cheesecake Factory produced some of the best food I've ever eaten.

4. I don't want to go back to work tomorrow.
No Worries

I Could Just Lay Down and Die

Just want to announce to the world my journal that I fucking hate my coworkers. Two words that accurately describe 90% of them are Lazy and Unreliable.

Thanks Jackass, for calling out on a Wednesday, an ad set day, for the day we get a ton of load because the 4th of July is a big holiday for grocery stores. 11 fresh pallets, BY MYSELF! However, I'm so badass, I even had an HOUR FOR AMBIENT which made it pallet number 12. And nearly finished it. Fuck.

I'm sore.
No Worries


6:36pm yesterday we were presented with an almost total eclipse here in California. The lighting everywhere had was interesting. I also couldn't help but think of Avatar: The Last Airbender when I was watching it, lol.

In other news, my boyfriend is amazing! Driving 4.5 hours away just to get my dad's work laptop back to him? Yeah. I love him.